cPRL Tester

What’s is cPRL Tester
Universal battery lamp with two wavelenght .Used for all types of measurements motions with measuring range :
Wavelenght red light 630 nm
Wavelenght blue light 480 nm.


Detection of Micro Motion in Nano Size






Product Features
The numbering of the product features shown refers of the illustration of the cPRL Tester on the grafic page.
1. case
2. battery lid
3. red and blue light source
4. power connection
5. switch On/Off device
6. power On/Off button
7. signal LED battery status
8. light source switch button ( red – blue )
9. active light sources signal diodes ( red – blue )
10. mechanical side button for light source activation





Technical Data
Dimensions 190x86x45
Degree of protection IP 41
Measuring range :
Wavelenght red light 630 nm
Wavelenght blue light 480 nm
Nominal light intensity 200 kcd/m2
Device switches the light OFF after 25 sec automatically
Device includes auto power OFF after 60 sec
Operating temperature +5°C …… +45°C
Storage temperature -10°C …… +45°C
Batteries : 7,4 V Li-Ion 800 mAh Sanyo14500 Battery Pack
Relative air humidity , max. 80%
Device includes Smart Charger for 7,4 V Li-Ion 800 mAh batteries




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